Our City Plays Here.

The Gaslight District is a new kind of public place designed to connect people through the act of play with strangers and neighbours—for FREE. It encompasses a 1-acre public square, surrounded by century-old limestone foundry buildings that speak to Cambridge’s past. This pedestrian- friendly space is a new kind of “Infrastructure for the Human Spirit” that helps people play in public in ways that start to define an inclusive community identity.

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The Vision

Our vision was driven by a belief that creating meaningful connections between people should be a city’s most important job. Quality of life, better mental health, and the innovations that our economy runs on all come from a sense of a united and collaborative community.

So here we are—all together and finding ways to enjoy each other’s company. It’s no longer just a vision. It’s a wonderful reality.

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Father and son looking into the art installation
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Kids playing with the interactive floor
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Sculpture hanging from the ceiling
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